What To Know Before Getting A Property?

However, for this to happen, you must take into account some essential factors. Whether to live or to have it as an investment, buying a property is an act that requires attention to detail and continuous planning at each stage of the process.

New Or Used Property

An essential question for anyone who will buy a property is whether to acquire a new or used property. Used properties, older, tend to be cheaper. However, it is usually necessary to do a renovation at some point in the post-purchase. As for new properties, you enter to live without the risk of having structural reforms or significant improvements before living, except for the aesthetic aspect.

Set A Ceiling To Invest

Investments as crucial as buying a property should not have the sky as a limit. Thus, you must combine the minimum and maximum values ​​for the investment in your property. When thinking about financing, it is essential to think about how much income is available to pay for the investment and whether there will be enough resources to maintain the financing installments. Once this is done, the first step to purchase your property has already been taken.

Define The Desired Property Type

Which property best meets your needs? Are you conjugated or greater? Rural or urban? House or apartment? There are many options for living well. It would be best if you considered whether other people would live with you, whether the family will grow, whether you will live with children or older people, among other essential aspects.

Hire A Reliable Broker

A realtor at Quadwalls is the only professional qualified to mediate the purchases and sales of real estate. This professional, registered with the CRECI in each region, must accompany you on visits to the properties you suggest, show the main advantages of purchasing and check the real estate documentation at the real estate registry offices such as the city hall.

Attention To The Infrastructure Of The Property

First, you should look at the property’s infrastructure as a whole: if there are cracks, leaks if the paint is in order without upholstery or mold. Pay extra attention to the roof if there are leaks or apparent imperfections. Be sure to check the plumbing, toilet check valves, and check if the property’s electrical network is in order. Do not forget to observe if the property has unevenness or even unstable terrain, which may represent a risk of cracking in the future.

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