What Is Your Favorite Natural Stone?

If you don’t have one, then let me give you a hint: each stone has a function due to its composition, color, and, mainly, the feelings you put into it.


Girl power can sum up this stone, as it is the symbol of female power. Her energy comes from the Moon, which is super connected with the menstrual cycle. It is ideal for empowerment as it balances our emotions, increases intuition and insight, and empowers us.

Mystic Topaz

It is a powerful stone: it elevates strength and protects its wearer. In addition to representing wisdom and self-fulfillment. One of the most attractive crystals for its mysterious and unusual coloring that resembles a rainbow.

Blue Topaz

Ideal to bring out artistic skills, blue topaz is a stone that provides calm, balance, and brings clarity to our ideas and feelings. Perfect for clearing your mind.

Yellow Citrus

Keep your hands on the slips, as the Yellow Citrus is excellent to help with finances. It attracts prosperity and plenty at high intensity. It also boosts vitality and neutralizes negative energy.


One of the stones with the most mystical and magical energy present is ideal in meditations for those who want to connect more with the inner Self and strengthen the mental power, as it expands our consciousness to new mystical knowledge—mounting with photos of accessories with natural stones and natural stones on the right side for identification.


Friends, with this stone, you will be 100% protected. She is the rock of security: in life, in the home, in the profession, in the emotional aspects, in relationships, in everything. Thanks to increased self-confidence, motivation, and absorption of negative energy.

Black Tourmaline

The Black Tourmaline is the best option if you feel that your life is charged with negative and dark energies. It blocks attacks on our souls and turns away malicious people.


The famous one at the ball, Rubi, is the stone of victory and success. Your energy favors personal and professional success. Play yourself! That this stone is sure to attract new opportunities and to achieve our goals.

Rose Quartz

And live love – love in relationships, loving yourself, having compassion – it doesn’t matter what the love is, but the Rose Quartz by stonecenters.com is directly related to our Heart Chakra and our emotions.


In addition to being super gentle, it is used in meditation, healing, and revitalization. It is the balancing point of personal and environmental energies as it clears the mind, amplifies positive energies, and increases our vitality.

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