Useful Tools for Completing a Plastering Job

Whether you are in the construction industry or are doing some sort of home improvement work that involves plastering, it is important that you have the right plastering tools on hand. If not, you could be making your job that much harder or you may not even be able to complete it at all. From a hawk and a window trowel to a sponge and jointing knife, here are a few of the tools that you need in order to get your plastering job done.

Sponge and Sandpaper

After applying the plaster, you will want to smooth it out so it is as even as possible. A great way to smooth out any particular areas that are rough or uneven before you apply the plaster is to use sandpaper. You can then use a damp sponge to smooth out any surfaces once the plaster has been added on. With the help of these two materials, the surface that you plastered will be as smooth as possible.

Jointing Knife

A jointing knife is used to apply plaster into tight spaces—for instance the area in between a window and a wall. A jointing knife can also be used to determine a straight line so that the finished product is even.

Bucket Trowel

If you are someone who frequently uses plaster for projects, chances are this is already in your tool shed. A bucket trowel is used to scoop the plaster out of the mixing bucket. When purchasing a bucket trowel, be sure to look for one that is strong and durable as transferring plaster can be extremely heavy.


When doing a plastering job, you need to make sure that you have a hawk on hand. Without the hawk, you really can’t get anything done since the hawk is used to carry the plaster down the wall. With a hawk, you can easily apply the plaster where you need it to go regardless of whether it’s on the walls, ceilings, or even the floor.

Window Trowel

Although you can use a jointing knife to apply plaster into areas around windows, others prefer to simply use a window trowel. A window trowel is designed specifically with a smaller blade to fit around the windows and help you manoeuvre the plaster into tight spaces such as areas between windows.

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