Tips And Advice On Snow Removal Contract

Is the shovel enough? That is fine, but do not give a snow removal mandate to the first comer. Several elements must be considered in choosing a snow removal contractor, as well as in the clauses of the contract that will bind you to the latter.

Among other things, we should know that in recent years, more and more entrepreneurs have foreseen a ceiling in the number of centimeters of snow cleared for a winter in the field of residential snow removal. Beyond a certain threshold, it is, therefore, possible that additional tariffs are applied. Moreover, the increase in fuel costs has had a considerable impact on the cost of service.

  • Make sure you have complete contact information for the snow removal contractor you are interested in. Be wary of those who only give a phone number and therefore no specific address;
  • Rule out those who do not offer proper contracts and invoices;
  • If possible, interview your neighbors to find out who they are dealing with and whether they are satisfied with the services received, or ask the contractor for referrals;
  • Bid several contractors by being precise in the description of your needs;
  • Check if the business is in good standing; for example, does it have the required liability insurance if your home is damaged?

A Contract, Which Contract?

The writings remain! Always demand a written contract that specifies at least the following points:

  • Duration (usually the contract only covers a certain period of the cold season;
  • The minimum quantity of snow required to ensure snow removal;
  • A deadline for the first snow removal of the day, especially if you are leaving early in the morning;
  • The registration in the contract of your specific needs (clearing of stairs or balconies, where to dispose of snow, etc.).
  • The presence of hedges, shrubs, and any other fragile development. For more security, mark your land accordingly.

Payment terms. Ideally, do not pay a deposit since your signature to the contract already commits you to respect it.

The Snow Shovel:

Although primary and known to all, the snow shovel remains the most used tool for snow removal in gardens. Practical and relatively easy to use, it still requires particular physical strength. Also, the help of a professional is not to be neglected. His expertise and competence will accompany you throughout this task and allow you to take care of your garden using professional equipment. Click to know about snow plowing services near cedar rapids

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