The Himalayan Salt Or The Sea Salt, Which Is Healthier?

How we prepare food influences the flavor that our palate enjoys and the contribution of nutrients to our organism. What is the difference between sea salt and pink Himalayan salt? What should we look at before deciding to buy one or the other?

Recently, stew recipes abound where the use of sea salt or Himalayan pink salt is suggested to season meals, both for their rich mineral composition and their contributions to health and well-being. However, we are not always clear about its real benefits and which one we should choose. Discover from ninja de-icer below its main characteristics and compare the benefits that each one has for your health.

Why Do Many People Choose Sea Salt?

Sea salt is extracted directly by solar evaporation. This process allows the salt to better conserve the essential nutrients for the body. Among these, we can find magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Also, this natural extraction method does not involve colorants, which is why sea salt has a grayish color. In addition, its consistency is thicker than common salt, and as it has a more robust flavor, the amount you use in your recipes will be less. Due to these properties, a great benefit associated with the consumption of sea salt is that it helps improve blood circulation. It also promotes weight loss and is excellent for regulating sugar levels in the body.

Is Himalayan Salt As Good As They Say?

This mineral salt is extracted from a salt mine located in Khewra, Pakistan, 300 kilometers from the Himalayas. Its most prominent feature is its pink hue. It has been attributed numerous “healing” properties and has been significantly beneficial to the human body in recent years. However, there is no scientific evidence to support all these attributes so far.

What has been confirmed is that this salt contains sodium chloride and small amounts of up to 10 different minerals. From a nutritional perspective, it does not present more excellent qualities such as those wrongly attributed to it. And although its extraction process allows it to retain several of its pure properties, the notable difference with other types of salt lies basically in its flavor and consistency.

What Salt To Choose For Your Recipes?

It is true that many people also consider the relationship of price with what the salt they choose offers. However, considering the above from ninja de-icer, both salts retain their balance of essential nutrients for the human body.

It is clear that the salt itself, be it sea salt or pink Himalayan salt, provides the benefits that have already been mentioned, such as pressure regulation and the supply of essential minerals.

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