Take a Tour of Fortaleza

Buying properties for sale in Velez Malaga offers you a great opportunity to visit and explore Fortaleza. The Fortaleza is the town’s most recognisable landmark and has loomed over the Velez skyline for more than a thousand years in one form or another. For breathtaking views of Velez, the mountains, and the coast, climb the stairs to the summit.

The Alcazaba, or “Fortaleza” in Velez-Malaga, was constructed in the tenth century. The locals, who had historically created a lot of trouble for the Moorish rulers, were initially supposed to be conquered rather than defended.

From a military standpoint, it was the ideal position since it was built on the highest hill in the nearby vicinity, providing views of approaching adversaries from a distance and a place that was simple to defend. The fort’s position made it incredibly imposing on local life and ensured that anybody considering a plan against the rulers would always be able to see it. The fort was built as a show of might to quell any local Andalucian uprisings or rebellions.

The hilltop on which the Fortaleza is located was designated for use as a quarry towards the end of the 19th century since the demand for forts had significantly decreased. The structures were abandoned because they were in bad shape.

The main castle keep’s proper renovation started in the early 21st century and was finished in 2013 at over $65,000. The EU covered 80% of the expense in acknowledging the fort’s historical and cultural importance. As a reminder of how the structures would have appeared in their heyday, only the Torre del Homenaje (the castle keep) and a few inner walls have been restored.

The only components of the original site that have been rebuilt are the main keep and the castle wall facing south. Around the site, there are also other building remnants visible. All of these structures date from the last time the Alcazaba was upgraded; during that period, the Alcazaba’s inhabitants installed the most advanced military technology available. Around the courtyard inside the inner castle walls, remnants of a stable building may be observed.

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