Signs that You Should Contact Roofing Company

Roofing companies install, repair and maintain roofs for a living. As such, they are the experts in identifying signs that you need their services. However, despite supposed expertise in the subject, there might be occasions when even roofers cannot tell when you should call them. A discussion with a professional can help you make more informed decisions about your roofing issues.

This article will discuss signs that you should call your roofing repair company.

1) Leaking roof: No matter how carefully you’ve taken care of your gutters, your roof will still have to be replaced fairly often. If you’re seeing water pooling on the top surface of your roof or stains on the ceiling below, it’s time to call a maintenance specialist.

2) Sagging attic floor: When gutters overflow with heavy rainfall or melting snow, water can seep into the walls and under the shingles on your roof. Once it finally drips through, it lands in your attic and causes sagging in your ceiling. This signal is especially important because it can lead to other issues like mold growth and electrical shorts if left unchecked.

3) You see roof moss: The presence of moss on the roof is a sign that there is too much moisture in the area and that your roof needs to be cleaned. If there’s moss forming beneath the tiles, the water could be getting into your home and causing damage, inside and out.

4) Missing and loose tiles: If you see that some of your roof’s tiles are missing or loose, it’s good to contact a roofing company to come out and inspect the area. Loose or missing tiles could mean problems with the roof itself and could make the roof more susceptible to water damage and leaks. A professional can tell you whether you need repairs and whether the repair job can be done without removing all the tiles.

5) Cracked roof: A cracked roof is a red flag that you may need to contact a roofing company, especially if the crack is getting bigger or there is any water damage inside the house. The main concerns with cracks are that they can cause leaks and lead to other problems like mold growth. A roofing company can repair the roof to prevent further damage and, if it has already occurred, can help with repairing and removing the mold.

6) Accumulated granules: Over time, your roof can accumulate granules of asphalt and clay, which can cause serious damage to your roof if not removed quickly. Roofing companies can clean up this excess material and prime your roof for its next layer of protective work.

7) Torn shingles: A torn shingle is a clear sign that your roof has been compromised. Torn shingles are caused by extreme weather conditions or faulty installation methods, which can lead to serious water damage and other issues in the future.

Bottom Line

As a homeowner with a roof that needs repair, you may wonder whether it’s time to contact a roofing company. While each case is unique, these signs indicate it’s time to call in the pros.

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