Trees, plants and shrubs that grow around are crucial for our physical and emotional well-being. They give us fresh air and make the surroundings look beautiful instantly. However, the trees and plants around us don’t always remain healthy. They need to be taken care of. Sometimes, we have certain expectations of the way our property will look. For all this, you need the help of an expert Toronto Arborist. Whether it is landscaping for your business or private property or maintaining the trees around your home, they will be there to help. The Arborist report plays a crucial role in all of this. Here is all that you need to know about the report. What it is and why you might require it.

What is in an Arborist Report?

An Arborist is an expert in trees, plants and shrubs. When you hire an arborist, they carry out a thorough inspection of the flora in and around your property. Following that, they draw up a report based on their findings. This report paints a picture of the health conditions of the trees and shrubs. It will tell you about pests, potential disease threats, site conditions and if there are any mechanical injuries. When any of these exists, it can be a potential threat to those living on the property and those around. Based on these findings, the report also provides you with a list of recommendations that will help the trees thrive. Some examples of the recommendations are treating root issues, pest control, injections or fertilization and site remediation.

What are some of the reasons you might require an arborist report?

There are many reasons why you might require an arborist report. Some crucial reasons why you would need to hire an arborist are as follows:

  1. Developing a Property: Whether developing a commercial or private property, you might require an arborist report. The reason is that when developing a property, it might impact the trees around you. There are by-laws across Ontario and Toronto area that protect certain trees. These laws have had a significant impact on property development. You are required to have an arborist report for various situations like Development applications, Private Tree By-Law Permit applications, and Tree Protection plans to name a few.
  2. Safety: An arborist report provides insight into the condition of the tree. When the tree has been damaged or stricken by a disease, it might be a threat to the community. In such situations, the trees can be taken down. For taking down the tree, you need to have an arborist report.
  3. Improving and maintaining the surroundings: If you want to maintain and refine the trees and shrubs around your property, reaching out to an arborist is a great idea. They will do the inspection and carry out the required restoration process. If there is any removal required they will do that for you. When you have experienced and knowledgeable experts taking care of the property surroundings, they are bound to improve the aesthetic value.

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