Plumbing Supplies that Professional Plumbers Must Have

A plumber can be called professional and skilled if he is equipped with the tools and equipment necessary for delivering efficient plumbing services. When servicing homeowners or business owners, plumbers are constantly faced with complex challenges requiring the right tools and equipment that can be bought from the closest plumbing supply store. This article enlists a few plumbing tools that a professional plumber must have to serve residential and commercial complex plumbing problems as efficiently as possible.

Best plumbing tools for pipework

Here listed are the best tools that a plumber must have for the pipework:

  • Hacksaw

Plumbers carry a hacksaw to cut through a wide range of hardware, such as pipes, bolts, screws, and nuts. Now that this is challenging work and plumbers must secure their blades tightly, a hacksaw is a valuable addition to the toolkit.

  • Tube and plastic pipe cutters

A trade professional regularly dealing with copper or plastic piping should visit the closest plumbing supply store to shop for handheld tube and plastic pipe cutters for removing, replacing, and resizing the pipes.

  • Thread sealing tape

Thread sealing tape also referred to as plumber’s tape is used to patch or prevent possible leaks at threaded joint connections in the piping.

  • Press fitting systems

It is crucial to connect pipes securely for the success of plumbing projects. Iron pipe size (IPS) press-fitting systems are used to physically press a connection onto a pipe that produces an impermeable seal.

The plumber wrenches

Here listed are the best wrenches that a plumber must have:

  • Pipe wrench

The pipe wrench is considered the plumber’s most significant wrench. Plumbers use these heavy tools to tighten and loosen nuts and fittings on pipework.

  • Basin wrench

A T-shaped tool, the basin wrench, is used by plumbers to work on faucets specifically. the clamp-like mechanism on one end of this wrench makes it possible for the plumber to reach into narrow spaces and loosen or tighten the nuts.

Best plumbing tools for clearing clogs and blockages

Here listed are the best tools that a plumber must have for clearing clogs and blockages:

  • Plungers

Trade plumbers should always be ready with heavy-duty flange and cup plungers of different sizes whenever visiting the property to clear clogs or blockages.

  • Hand auger

A hand auger is a circular, handheld device that allows plumbers to drive a cable deep down a drain to break apart and clear clogs. The closest plumbing supply store can provide different hand augers for different-sized drains.

  • Snake machine

A larger and motorized version of a hand auger, a snake machine, is used by plumbers when clogs are too deep or difficult to displace.


To run and grow a plumbing business successfully, the company needs to have the right tools and equipment. No matter how skilled a plumber is, no plumbing issue can’t be solved without the proper plumbing supplies. It is advisable to buy these plumbing tools from a wholesale plumbing supply store for reasonable prices.

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