How to Avoid Water Testing Scams?

How safe is the drinking water? This question worries many of us. The fear of the purity of drinking water has increased dramatically. Most households use water from public sources. They are poked by a few concerns. One of the concerns is potentially the harmful contaminants in the water supplies

This situation calls for the water filtration system these people need to acquire to be safe. But not all filtration systems offer legitimate results. The demand for the filtration system has increased the scams.

Steps to avoid testing scams

People have the right to choose the best for their families and themselves. Looking for water filtration would be the best way to get pure water to protect the health of the family members. However, one should be cautious while buying any water treatment system. Here are the steps that one must keep in mind to avoid scams.

●     Avoid fraudulent promotions

Choosing a filtration system based on promotions could be an act of stupidity. One must avoid fraudulent promotions. Only choosing the authentic as per the requirement can help one to receive the best.

●     Free in-home water tests are a big no

The offer of testing the home water for free could be a part of the sales promotion. But it does not provide any in-depth analysis. Therefore one must look forward to the filtration system according to the need. The in-home water tests may only offer to check the alkalinity, acidity, and presence of iron or manganese in the water. Hence one must avoid dealing with sales-people who conclude based on in-home testing.

●     Claims of government approval must be dealt with carefully

There are various water filtration system companies that claim governmental approvals. Before choosing filtration based on these claims, one must go for a thorough background check.

Indeed, the government does not endorse any water treatment system or products. After knowing the Environmental Protection Agency registration number, one must choose the product carefully.

●     Independently determine the water quality

To learn about the latest water quality after using the filtration system, one must ask the local water superintendent to provide the latest test results of the water supply. Only after comparing the results with the federal or state standards one can conclude whether the filtration system could be used in the future or not.

At the same time, one can also choose to go for an independent test. The person going for the test needs to deal with the laboratory directly. However, the cost of the test may vary.

●     Decide on the need

Acting on the need would help a person to receive what they require. Also, it would solve every water problem. Some of the filtration systems are known to saffron the water by eliminating magnesium and calcium. At the same time, others discard every foreign matter and mineral present in the water. Hence one must choose the filtration system after looking for what they need.


Choosing bottled water can cost a person 1000 times more than tap water. Hence, before one spends money on bottled water, one must try the water filtration system. By following the above steps carefully, one can determine whether the filtration system is worth the money or not.

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