Fundamental Benefits of Softside Waterbeds

A softside waterbed looks like a regular mattress, but it actually has a water mattress inside. This means that by investing in a softside waterbed, one can enjoy the health benefits of a waterbed and the convenience of a traditional mattress. There are additional benefits one can enjoy by investing in a softside waterbed.

Alleviate Pressure Points

Softside waterbeds have malleable sleeping surfaces that alleviate painful pressure points that cause people to toss and turn in bed throughout the night. By sleeping on softside waterbeds, sleepers ae able to avoid neck, back and joint pain when they wake up the following day.  Softside waterbeds provide proper support to ensure that the spine is aligned and pressure is minimized. As a result, sleepers wake up ready to start their day feeling refreshed instead of dealing with pain.

Soothing and Therapeutic Effect

Sleeping on softside waterbeds helps in maintaining the average temperature of the body and soothing sore muscles. These waterbeds also relieve tension and speed up relaxation. Because of this therapeutic effect, softside waterbeds offer relief to people with arthritis and other conditions related to the bones and joints.

More Convenience

Softside waterbeds are highly convenient because they allow the use of normal sheet sizes and conventional headboards. They also enhance modern styling because they look like the normal waterbed. Moving these waterbeds is also very easy, which is an added advantage.

Minimize Allergies

Softside waterbeds have a vinyl surface that is very easy to clean. As a result, this surface doesn’t harbor mold, mildew, dust mites or other allergens that could prove detrimental to one’s health. Allergens often cause allergies to flare up and sometimes they cause a stronger reaction. Therefore, anyone with allergies can comfortably sleep on a softside waterbed without worrying that their allergies might flare up.

Ease Sleep Disorders

It is possible to control the temperature of a softside waterbed. Once can adjust the temperature to a precise setting to make the bed more relaxing. For instance, one can set the temperature of the bed to be warmer or cooler. This is a soothing solution for people who find it hard to sleep because it is too or too cold. This feature helps people with sleeping disorders mostly. They are able to enjoy comfortable sleep because what causes their sleeping disorder is temporarily eliminated.

Less Movement

Regular mattresses usually have a bouncy coil spring, which transfers motion and energy. This is something a lot of people are not comfortable with. Softside waterbeds can be baffled in such a way that eliminates motion and disruption when sleeping. This baffling also maximizes support when sleeping. Softside waterbeds have the dual version which provides more firmness for every sleeper. This ensures that the motion is more subtle and less disturbing.


For people looking to purchase a waterbed, they must consider various factors such as affordability, comfort, health benefits and movement. Softside waterbeds offer multiple health benefits and support for sleepers. They also offer all the additional benefits highlighted above, which makes them a great investment.

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