Five Ways to Fix Slab Leaks by Professional Plumbers: A Detailed Guide

A slab leak can be a nightmare for a homeowner, and in this situation, it is better to call the local slab leak repair professionals. They are experts in diagnosing the problem quickly and have modern equipment like electronic listening and line-tracing tools for detecting the leak’s location. Also, if required, a water line video inspection can be used by slab leak repair services to find the exact location of the leak. After detecting the leak’s location, professional plumbers use an appropriate repair method. This article talks about four different methods to repair slab leaks.

  • Trenchless slab leak repair

This method to fix a slab leak requires minor demolition as minor holes are created for repairing the slab leak. The local slab leak repair specialist uses epoxy liners to seal the broken pipe. Moreover, plumbers use camera inspection to see the extent of the damage. After diagnosing the leak problem and detecting the location, the pipes are cleaned, the epoxy pipe liner is placed and inflated, and then let it cured. It takes 5 to 6 hours to complete the entire process.

  • Pipe re-piping

When multiple pipes are involved, plumbers prefer to use the re-piping method. This method involves the installation of new pipes to create a leak-free system. If leaked pipes are under the floors or inside the walls, then floors or walls might be demolished. Pipe re-routing might take days, depending on the extent of the leak and the efficiency of plumbers. In such a situation, staying in the same house is not safe.

  • Tunneling under the slab

Many homeowners prefer this method of slab leak repair to protect their expensive flooring from getting demolished. The repair contractor makes sure to keep the mess out of the home to make it comfortable for people can stay during the repair. The working tunnels are dug under a home without affecting the home’s structural integrity. After repairing the slab leak and the removed soil is returned.

  • Pipe re-routing

The pipe re-routing method of slab leak repair uses new pipes placed above ground. The expert plumbers reroute everything to new pipes. It usually involves installing a new series of pipes routed above the ground through a home or outside the home. This means that many holes will be made in a home or an exposed pipe running outside along the side of the home.

  • Spot repair

An expert uses this method when the leak is minor, and the pipe is in good condition. A plumber usually replaces the leaking section of the pipe with new fittings. Though spot repair is a quick repair method, it involves the destruction of the concrete and repairing the floor afterward.


Whenever there is a slab leak in a home, it’s better to trust the local slab leak repair experts with proven experience. Additionally, ensure address slab leaks as soon as possible to avoid more severe problems in the future.

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