Five Signs that Garage Gate Opening System Needs to be Repaired or Replaced

Garage door problems can be frustrating, especially when the door doesn’t open, making it difficult to get the car out in the morning. Sometimes garage problems can be easy to fix, and other times, it indicates that a person might need a whole new liftmaster garage door opener. This article mentions five common signs indicating problems with the garage door opening system that need to be repaired or replaced.

●    Problems with the remote

It is much easier to troubleshoot the remote. The main symptom of the garage door opener remote controller problem is inactivity. When pressing the buttons of the remote controller, the door opener does not do anything and even makes a strange sound. In such a case, one should replace the battery of the remote controller and also make sure that its signal is within the reach of the opener.

●    Problems with electrical wiring

In case the garage door system involves a remote and also a hardwired switch, and neither is working, then there might be an electrical problem. When not hearing anything on using switch or remote, then there could be a blown fuse or damaged wire system. If it is not possible to repair the electrical wiring then consider replacing the door system with an advanced liftmaster garage door opener.

●    Problem With Sensors

The sensors in the door opening system stop the stopped door from closing when it reads an object blocking the door. Sometimes there is a sensor problem that has to do something with the door opening and closing limits and force settings. When there is a problem with the upper limit then the door might not close or open correctly. The problem with the lower limit restricts the door from closing. In these cases, the sensors might need adjustments.

●    Problems with the door tracks and rollers

Sometimes nothing is wrong with the door opener but with the door tracks and rollers. If the garage door sticks or shutters upon opening or closing, there are chances of roller and track problems. Symptoms of sensor problems and roller problems are the same. If sensors of the door opening system are working fine then take a look at its rollers and tracks.

●    Problems with the unit

If the fuses, remote controller, sensors, door tracks, and rollers everything look fine after checking them, but the homeowner is still facing the same problem, then he might need a completely new liftmaster garage door opener. After some years, the garage door opening system wears down and eventually needs replacement. Newer door opening units will be equipped with useful features, including battery backup and improved sensors, that are immensely useful.


If a person has problems with his garage door opening system, it is advisable to contact a professional and experienced door service provider. However, if the garage door opener has worn out or is beyond repairs, consider replacing it with a more advanced door opening system.

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