Finding The Best Flooring For Your Home

Whether you are doing a renovation or building yourself a new home the flooring you chose is very important when it comes to function and design. Though you may want to pick something primarily because it will make your place look stylish and modern, flooring is more complicated than merely finding the nicest looking product. There are many factors you will want to take into account when making this important decision.

There are a large number of flooring options so spend some time researching which will best suit your needs. The right flooring will help sell your home.  Aesthetics are important, but the room and those living in the home should also influence your choices. Long-time real estate agent Sol Kahane has Springfarm Yorkhill homes for sale and he gives his clients tips on how to choose the best flooring for their homes. This can help when you are deciding on yours.

Types of Flooring

Take the time to get to know all the different kinds of flooring available. This way you can make a more informed decision. Each room will have specific flooring needs. For example high traffic areas will do better with more durable materials. Though carpet is not as popular as it once was a room is much cozier with a nice plush blend to cuddle your toes in.


The ever-popular hardwood flooring is an easy sell. There are so many beautiful options if you want your floors filled with this natural look. Durable and strong with many types of wood to choose from you will have no shortage of colours and styles when it comes to designing your home. Hardwood floors are also great for property resale as many potential buyers prefer it.


Though hardwood is often preferred there are many benefits to laminate floors. Laminate has come a long way in the last few years and many styles rival hardwood in their charm. Of course the price point is good and it is very durable and scratch resistant. If you have children or large dogs you might want to consider laminate as the better option. It is easy to clean and you do not have to worry about waxing it.


I love the style of a perfectly laid cork floor. Not only does it look good it also has the added benefit of being a green product. Another nice thing about cork is that it has a more cushy feeling on your feet and it also absorbs vibration and sound. It is very durable and does not dent easily. Cork is one of my favourite flooring options. Its non-slip surface makes is perfect for rooms like the kitchen or bathroom.


If a green product is one of your most important considerations when choosing a floor bamboo is the go-to product for you. Bamboo regenerates quickly and takes only a few years to reach maturity. On top of that it is highly durable and easy to care for. It is not apt to swell and is fine to put in areas prone to dampness so you will not have to worry about any spills or humidity.


Concrete flooring can be such a fun product to work with as you can be creative in how it will look when finished. With so many stains and sealing options the sky is the limit so let your artistic side shine when designing these floors. Concrete is the most durable material you will find with the added bonus of being very low maintenance. You will not ever have to worry about water damage. Add some rugs to complete the look.


Another flooring option you can channel your inner artist though is tile. It will always add beauty to your home. Though it is one of the more expensive choices a good tile is like a good hardwood and it is worth the money if you can afford it. Perfect for the entryway or bathrooms tile is fun to work with as well as being durable and strong.


Though carpet has lost some of its prestige since its golden era there are many benefits to laying it down in your home. I would not suggest it for your whole home but it is definitely cozy in bedrooms and family rooms. It gives those rooms a warmer feeling and is also good for noise absorption. Carpet is a cinch to install and easy to care for. Keep in mind it is not always good for allergy sufferers.

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