Don’t Tackle These DIY Projects Alone

Home maintenance is an arduous undertaking. From flooring replacement to cabinetry installation, the tasks can leave you swamped. If the homeowner is a professional carpenter, these jobs could possibly be completed by themselves. For most people, however, outside help is often required.

56% of homeowners reported that their main motivation to take on a home project was to save money, while 20% claimed they did it as a challenge to themselves. Whatever the reason, things can go completely wrong after even the slightest mistake, which can lead to unexpected costs and unwanted or accidental damage to your home.

First, replacing a faucet is a common job that homeowners often underestimate. Installing a sink fixture may appear cut and dry, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Subsequently, homeowners often find larger issues like water damage and disintegrated valves once they find themselves under the sink. As the problems pile up, a plumber is who you need to call.

Drywall patching is another job that often defeats homeowners. If you are not an experienced carpenter, this isn’t a task to be taken lightly. To perform a professional patch job, the task requires two to three coats, which should be spread out by one day to allow for appropriate drying, followed by a thorough sanding for a smooth surface.

Lastly, homeowners underestimate the time and effort it takes to install an exhaust fan. These need to be installed with a durable metal housing as well as adequate ventilation. If done wrong, it could leave your home with drywall damage and condensation accumulation.

To learn more about household projects homeowners should avoid and call professionals for, please see the accompanying resource, provided by Fix St Louis.

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