Certified Criminal Record Translation – The Must-Haves 

If you are wondering what is acriminal record certified translation services, then read on. It revolves around transforming your current countries’ official language criminal record into your target countries’ official language. For example, if you are residing in the UK, where the official language is English, and you are planning to move to China, you can get your criminal record translated in its official language, which is Chinese. Apart from immigration purposes, you can also use the certified criminal record translation for the purpose of adoption, foreign educational pursuit, or even getting a job in a foreign country.

A certified criminal record translation must have the following elements:

Ø  Utter Precision and Clarity

The certified criminal record translation should always be transposed in the target language with complete precision. There should be no ambiguity and risk of miscommunication.

Ø  Abiding the Industry Standards

It should always be translated while keeping into consideration the industry standards, as well as the mandatory requirements. It should always be transposed keeping the integrity and legality of the authentic document intact.

Ø  Should Only Be Done by Experts

Never use any unreliable or naïve translation service provider for the job. Always make sure that the company you are choosing for the job is well experienced and has a full grasp on the job. It requires complete precision, industry and legal knowledge to be able to do the job effectively.

Ø  Is Accepted Everywhere

The company you are choosing should have a good reputation and should also be completely authentic. Make sure that the certified criminal record translation is accepted by all the official institutes, such as Home Office, UK Visa and Immigration, UK Naric, Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency, HM Passport office, all universities and banks etc. It should have its authenticity intact.

Ø  Complete Grip on Languages

Make sure that the company you are choosing for getting your certified criminal record translated has a team of language experts. There are myriad of different languages and dialects in the world; each has its own set of rules. These rules makeup languages and lend a sense to it. Your official documents should always convey that original sense that the authentic ones do. Never compromise on the quality of translation or overall language usage of your documents, including the certified criminal record certificate.

How the Kings of Translation Takes Care of It All?

The team of translation experts at the Kings of Translation has years and years of extensive experience. We have dealt with a multitude of different official documents. Over the years, we have catered to a myriad of different translation needs of thousands of clients. Our in-depth knowledge and decades-long practical industry experience is our strength. If you are in the UK and looking for a reliable translation service provider, we are here for your assistance. We provide a timely response to all customer queries. We can send you the translated and certified version of your documents within a single day, that’s how efficient we are. We are an esteemed company whose services are openly accepted everywhere. We always ensure to translate your documents with utter precision, without marring the original tone and meaning. We keep in mind the industry standard, legal translation aspects and every other imperative aspect while translating your official documents. We only hire language experts in our team. There is no chance of error; you will never be disappointed by the services of Kings of Translation experts.

Contact us today and get your official documents translated in your desired language.

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